In future years public services cuts across Wales will greatly affect the Cardiff city-region. Radical change is required to solve the big scale challenges of the future, leverage the city-region’s opportunities and minimise threats.

In and around Cardiff organisations, groups and people just like you are working to improve and make the most of the city they love.Cardiff needs you to join in and be part of the solution!

On the 28th November we held the Agora open-workshop event at the Abacus Gallery to discuss together "HOW MIGHT WE DESIGN AN OPEN PROCESS FOR CITY AND REGION WIDE TRANSFORMATION?"

During the event the gathered participants split up to consider four broad subquestions.

  • How might we design a process that can surface agendas, problems, and questions from the whole city region ecosystem?

  • How might we effectively map the whole city region ecosystem and the capacities it contains?

  • How might we design a system that facilitates collaboration between all agents (individuals and organisations) in the workshop that can ultimately scale to the whole city region ecosystem?

  • How might we describe the process by which the city region ecosystem will transform itself in a set of goals and principles?

The generated collective knowledge will be shared after the workshop.

There is now a hackpad where notes are being collated from the event. A hackpad is an open collaborative document that anyone can edit. If you were at the event, please add your notes to the collective record. You can access the the Agora Cardiff hackpad here"

You can also catch up with the conversation on twitter by following the #AgoraCDF hashtag.

Since the event, an Agora Cardiff Facebook group has also been set up. Please feel free to join in the conversation there too!

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This initiative is a collaboration between Nesta , The Satori Lab, TYF Group and Welsh ICE by invitation of the Cardiff City Council.